August 2018

Acquired Property - Elizabeth, CO

Our Farm is a 140 acre property that sits nestled along Running Creek in Elizabeth, CO.

Family owned and operated; we are commited on keeping the long-standing heritage of agriculture alive, and look forward to sharing our journey with you. 

Sept 2018

First Hay Harvest

The first harvest under our new ownership was towards the later end of the 2018 hay season.

Pictured below, we are in the process of raking together all of the cut and dried grass into windrows so it can then be baled up into small bales.

For more information on our hay operation, visit our Premium Hay page!

October 2018

Water Pump House Re-Build

One of our first construction projects on the property was to reconstruct the old pump house. This simple building serves to protect our irrigation well, and its electrical components. 

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Nov 2018

Hesston Windrow Swather Pick-Up

Ol’ Big Red was the first windrow swather that we purchased during the 2018-2019 off-season. We snapped this photo before we loaded up and hauled it back home from Nebraska.

Big Red was used to cut most of our hay during the 2019 season. 

Dec 2018

Workshop (Phase I Building)

Our Farm needed a place for us to store  and work on our equiptment. Here we have the framing started for our first steel building. For more updates and photos on these projects, check us out on social media!

April 2019

Grain Silo Project

The Silo project began to take shape in the Spring of 2019. We made the trek to Flagler, CO to deconstruct and hual our vintage silo back to the farm.

While we are not currently working on the silo project, we do have big plans for it in the future! Stay tuned in through our website and social media for more details on upcoming projects.

May 2019

Road Planning Begins

Our Farm is home to various agricultural projects. In order to run this diverse operation we needed to construct a reliable road that could get us from one site to another on our property. 

Pictured, is the initial layout of the road before construction began.   

June 2019

Windmill Project (Pick-Up)

Our farm wouldn’t be complete without a windmill. Before our first hay cutting, we made the trip to Kansas to pick-up our vintage 8ft Aeromotor Windmill. Pictured below, Nik is securing the windmill to the trailer before making the trip back to Colorado. 

June 2019

2019 Hay Season Begins

Our first full hay season kicked off in June of 2019. This year alone we cut, dried and baled just over 150 tons of from our Alfalfa, Grass, and Mixed fields. Interested in our hay? Check out our hay page, and/or contact us to get on the waitlist for our 2020 hay. 

Sept 2019

Road Work Begins

Towards the end of our 2019 hay season we began moving dirt for our roadway. Initially, we ran the 615 C Scraper for several weeks initially to clear away vegetation, and lay the initial base for the road. 

Sept 2019

Windrow Swather Upgrade

Before our third cutting of the season, we made the decision to upgrade from Big Red to the John Deere A400 Windrow Swather.  

Though both Swathers were able to get the job done. We saw noticable differences in the versatility and capabilties between our old Hesston and Upgraded Deere swather.

October 2019


Phase II Hay Barn Project Begins

Our Phase II building will be a 60ft x 100ft hay barn, and will serve dual purposes for storaging both our haying equiptment and the dried bales from each cutting. Pictured below is the start of the building pad before construction begins in March of 2020.

Nov 2019

Phase III Ag. Center Project Begins

Our Phase III building will be our flagship workshop facility and serve useful in all areas of our farming operation. Pictured below Sean and Nik stake out the initial layout of the Ag. Center.